The Leopard.

Our Valley is so quiet at this time with most of the shops still close . Only the Supermarkets are open. we need to eat.
From 6am to 9am there is this vibe of “freedom ” in the streets when everybody can get out to cycle, to jog, to walk with their dogs, or just to take a stroll in their 5km. radius. They are all very care full. wearing their masks and keeping their distance. An unstable situation for the humans . But , as you come into Hout Bay over Chapmans Peak Drive and entering the Bay.. the statue is there. Placed on its granite pedestal since March 1963. Looking out over the harbor like yesterday and the day before, giving us a feeling of stability, assuring us that somethings are still stable . Somethings will not change even after the COVID 19 has been forgotten.
GOOGLE: Leopard statue in Hout Bay.
And at the lodge we are completing our forms for our STARGRADING for 2021. Life goes on and so must we.

Do not have a heart of fear but a heart of faith.
Till we chat again stay healthy , stay strong.
Gerard & Erika

Lockdown at the B & B.

This is day no 43 of LOCKDOWN in South Africa .
In the beautiful village of Hout Bay all is well.
Everybody is doing something unique to keep them out of mischief.
To keep sane, one of the required points is to do exercises.
We have decided that Gerard will go up the right flight of stairs and I, Erika will do the left side.
Total is 50,( up and down ) x 20 times = 1000 stairs per day.
So far so good. we try do it every day.
Till next time..